At Ashbury Service Centre our entire team has been trained to cater to females. We take the time to explain what requires without using technical jargon; we are happy to invite you to take a look at the vehicle so you can see and understand what is needed using a new part to compare to the old. You can even take the old part home if you wish.

As you walk into the reception you will notice it’s clean, fresh and organized. There is free wifi, water cooler and option to have a hot cup of tea or nespresso whilst you wait. There is also a current selection of magazines and even some books to entertain the little ones. The entire space has been re-designed with you in mind. You will always be treated with respect and dignity. You are a valued customer and it’s important to us that you feel that way.

We are dedicated to showing our appreciation to ladies and empowering them when it comes to car maintenance. This is why we have our ‘Ladies Car Care’ night. An evening where you can chat to a qualified technician without judgment be shown the basics of a vehicle such as how to safely change a flat tyre, check tyre pressure and jump start a dead battery.

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